Dimitris Kalogirou | Connected Car
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Connected Car

About This Project

Connected Car versus phone.

The connected car represents a vision for the future shared by car manufacturers and innovators across a number of industries. But what will a connected car do that a phone can’t? A lot. Connected cars will receive information automatically. Everything that you type into your phone: where you’re going, how you decided to get there, when you arrive—the car will already know. One of my responsibilities at VISA is to ensure the smooth user experience and intuitive interface across all car applications developed by VISA.

Parking app.

Imagine that you’re in the parking spot. You put it in park. Your connected car sends a message to the parking beacon. The dashboard asks, “Would you like to park?” You tap “Yes.” That’s it. When you’re done shopping? Just pull out of the spot. When you put the car in drive, the beacon calculates exactly what you owe. No running back to check the meter. No adding fifteen minutes from your phone. It’s effortless.

Order on the go app.

Imagine you left work late and you are hungry. You voice command your car to order food for you and your order is sent to the merchant along with your car’s beacon ID. Once you reach the drive-through or the parking of the food shop they know you are there and they pop out to give you your order. You drive home and enjoy your pizza! No payment, no parking, no hassle.