Dimitris Kalogirou | Alfa-Bank Design Sprint Workshop
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Alfa-Bank Design Sprint Workshop

About This Project

Alfa-Bank’s challenge:

How might we better provide information, services and offers to our customers on similar platforms that they use on a daily basis?

This was an intense workshop focusing around chatbots and why chatbots in some industries are more successful than others. Best practices were taken into account and a new banking experience emerged. Two prototypes were created. One for the already existing banking app of Alfa. The second one was a prototype running live on FaceBook Messenger. All in 4 days.

The solution:

A chatbot with actionable buttons instead of endless chat replies. Categorisation of information to meet the needs of affluent segment clients. Two taps rule to all information destinations.

My responsibilities:

  1. Product conceptualisation
  2. Product business modelling
  3. Chatbot personas
  4. Design of chatbot interaction both in app and on FaceBook
  5. Design of the final product
  6. Leading the design sprint of the co-creation process
  7. Focus groups interviews
  8. Pitch to Alfa-Bank executives