Dimitris Kalogirou | About
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Dimitris launched his career as a creative studio & film production business owner in Greece having collaborated with clients such as Amstel, Levi’s, Coca Cola and Yokohama Tires amongst others. He then relocated to London to expand his knowledge and had the opportunity to work with clients of the calibre of the Rothschild Bank. His work has been exhibited in Bibliothèque Nationale de France amongst other locations.

Dimitris has held positions of Creative Director and Design Lead for MasterCard and bwin.party. He is currently residing in Dubai working as a Product Design Lead for Visa’s Innovation Center. Building Visa’s human-centered design vision and helping their clients in Banking, Retail and Airline space to create innovative products.

In his free time, he uses the Design Thyself method, a method he created based on Design Thinking principles and Psychology, to encourage people to live up to more of their potential and to succeed in their dreams and goals. He also coaches individuals for public speaking and has published a book on the subject under the title “Owning the Spotlight: Conquer the Stress of Public Speaking and Presentations”.

Dimitris’ innate curiosity has always led him in new paths full of puzzles and his determination has helped him solve them.